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I wish I could put into words how much I love Country Garden.
We had looked into a few nurseries for my eldest as she had always been with a childminder since a baby so wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but after most visits I always left feeling like something was missing until we found Country Garden, I knew straight away this nursery would be perfect for her.
The setting is beautiful and big, my little girl loves being outdoors and the space they provide is amazing for her.
Myself and my partner felt like we were family the first day of visiting.
Every staff member welcomed us with open arms, Les made us feel like we had known her forever. I enjoy coming into nursery to see everybody’s warm and welcoming faces.
She is quite a mummy’s girl but loves going into nursery with no hesitation and she’s always happy and smiling whenever I go to pick her up.

After a few months my son joined at 9 months old and was looked after by Ellie and Tilly.
I was apprehensive with leaving him more so than my daughter as he was so young going into a nursery setting rather than a childminder like my daughter previously.
But the girls are fantastic, amazing, lovely young women. They treated our son like he was there own, his little face would light up when he sees the girls, he was safe and loved.

I’d recommend C.G. to anyone in a heartbeat.
To Les and the team,
Thankyou for looking after my children.

I cannot recommend Country Garden enough. After moving to the area and worrying that we hadn’t found the right nursery, we came across Country Garden... from the moment I stepped through the door I knew it was the right nursery for my daughter. All the staff were so friendly, I loved the outdoor space (which has since grown to include an amazing art cabin and mud garden!), it was such a hive of activity and all the children were so happy. One of the nicest things is the size, there aren’t too many children in each room so it has a real family feel, Les and her team are so personable and happy to help.

My daughter joined Country Garden when she was 11 months old and is now nearly 5 and started school last year: I cannot thank the girls enough for all that they did for Lydia who has grown to be a happy, confident and sociable little girl who has such a willingness to learn. She was always so happy at nursery and made some lovely friends.

My son has also just joined nursery at 11 months old and has bonded so nicely with Tilly and Ellie, he’s a sensitive soul but his confidence has grown already and is always smiling when I pick him up which is so important for parents to see!

I feel so grateful that I found such a fantastic nursery as I know that both Lydia and Max have had the best start into the world of play and learning, so much more interesting than being at home!

Thank you to Les and Donna and all the girls, you are all fantastic and such an important part of our lives!
Our daughter has attended Country Garden since she was 11 months old and she has now just started school. After moving to the area and panicking when the nursery we had intended to send her to turned out to be completely wrong, we luckily came across Country Garden. Les told us to come and look around and we fell in love with it as soon as we stepped through the door (I had previously worked in various nurseries so was very picky about what I was looking for) We couldn’t be happier or more proud of the little girl she has become and we know that a huge part of this is down to the care she received from Les and her amazing staff.

She is such a happy, caring, confident and sociable little girl and has always loved going to nursery and playing with her friends. The staff are so friendly and caring and from starting in the baby room each child is looked after as an individual, nothing is too much trouble for the team as they make the transition from home to nursery so easy.

We were really sad when she had to leave but luckily only have to wait a few months until our son can go!

Well done to Les and all the girls, you do such a fantastic job and we can not recommend Country Garden enough!
I honestly can not recommend Country Garden highly enough. My little girl first started at 6 months old and has just left to start school at nearly 5. When I first looked around I was struck by how it felt like a home away from home, and throughout her time here it has felt like we gained an extra family to care for her. She has blossomed into a kind, caring and amazingly happy child and I know a big part of this is the nurturing environment that is promoted here. Being able to leave your child with people you know genuinely care about them makes dropping them off so much easier, and I can honestly say the thing I have found hardest with her transition to school is that she won’t be going to here anymore! Thank you all so much x
Both of my children have been attending Country Garden since they were 2yrs Old, with my eldest just this month leaving to start school. The support, love and care all of the staff provide is exceptional and I cannot thank each and every one of them enough for everything they have done for my son and daughter.
My Eldest is about to start primary school and I feel that country garden have definitely put him on the right path to thrive. The girls who work there as caring and loving, and you can truly tell they love the children and their environment. At each stage through the nursery my son has had an amazing experience. Thank you so much for all your love and support to our boys. You truly are a brilliant team - x
I would like to thank everyone at Country Garden for all the fantastic support and care that has been given to my son Isaac throughout nursery and into pre-school during the last few years.

The nursery is perfect: it's not too big and so it feels like personal attention is being given; the indoor and outdoor play areas are amazing; all the staff are extremely friendly and helpful; and there is flexibility in the hours of care as needed.

In Isaac's case, he has special needs related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The SEN lead at Country Garden, Lesley, supported and navigated us through all the processes so that his EHC plan was approved in time. This means that Isaac has all the support in place so that he can now move into a special needs' school, setting him up for the very best start in life.

A huge thank you also to Paige, Isaac's day-to-day supervisor, for all the support given. Isaac has matured due to this outstanding care, meaning he can now move into his first school confident and happy.

Thank you to everyone at Country Garden!
I would like to thank everyone at Country Garden for all the fantastic support and care that has been given to my son Isaac throughout nursery and into pre-school during the last few years,

The nursery is perfect: it's not too big and so it feels like personal attention is being given; the indoor and outdoor play areas are amazing; all the staff are extremely friendly and helpful; and there is flexibility in the hours of care as needed.

In Isaac's case, he has special needs related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The SEN lead at Country Garden, Lesley, supported and navigated us through all the processes so that his EHC plan was approved in time. This means that Isaac has all the support in place so that he can now move into a special needs' school, setting him up for the very best start in life.

A huge thank you also to Paige, Isaac's day-to-day supervisor, for all the support given. Isaac has matured due to this outstanding care, meaning he can now move into his first school confident and happy.

Thank you to everyone at Country Garden!
Both my boys attend Country Garden Day Nursery and I can't praise them enough.

Joe is starting school in September so I am taking Ben out as well at the end of August to join a childcare centre closer to home. I am gutted that I have too do this as they both love spending their day's here but unfortunately it has to be done.

I would like to thank everyone at Country Garden for looking after and teaching our two gorgeous boys, they have both come on in leaps and bounds and I don't think this would have happened if it wasn't for you all.

Take care everyone and hopefully will see you all again after the boys have left xxxxx
Before returning to work I felt so anxious at the thought of leaving my baby at a nursery. I visited a number of nurseries but none of them made me feel as comfortable as I felt when I spoke to Lesley. She spent a long time showing me around Country Garden and answered all (and there were lots) of my questions. Anyway suffice it to say I enrolled my daughter and 6 months down the line I haven’t looked back. Country Garden is everything I would want for my daughter. The staff are marvellous, the nursery environment is stimulating and the ‘outdoor play’ is wonderful.
I can not recommend it highly enough !!!
A huge thank you to all the Team headed by Lesley who’s experience and knowledge is boundless.
Since joining Country Garden Day Nursery, my daughter Emme has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to going to nursery every Monday. The nursery itself is a fun and bright environment, with lovely & welcoming staff. They are so accommodating to all of your needs, I cannot thank them enough for their hard work. I have said since day 1, it's like Home from Home, it's such a lovely, secure setting - I wouldn't change it for the world. It's hard enough being a working mum, but all at Country Garden ease this tremendously and make it so easy. All in all, this nursery is so wonderful, warm and loving care towards each little person. Very Supportive and nurturing. I can't recommend Country Garden Enough - Thank you all x
I don't even know where to start with how amazing country garden is. As a super anxious mummy I was very nervous about my little boy starting at nursery. After looking at over 5 different nurseries I left like i was never going to find the right place. I was then recommended to country garden and we have never looked back. From the moment i walked in I knew it was the right place for him. The environment is great, i'm always fascinated and amazed by the stories he tells me about his day. From playing and exploring in the garden to the new songs and words he comes home with. Special thank you to Chelsea who seems to have made a proper impression and best friend for life. And Also to Les who made me feel so comfortable about leaving him and anything i ever ask, even if it is the smallest thing, she is always there to help, guide and advice. Keep doing such a fabulous job ladies!
Thank you Country Garden ladies for making my little boy so welcome. He has settled so quickly at his lovely new nursery and I couldn't ask for more. The welcome he receives on his early morning arrival and the lovely feedback I receive when I pick him up is amazing, I have never experienced a nursery like it. The outside play opportunities are fantastic and my little boy comes home full of all the fun he has had. Moving my child to Country Garden was definately the best thing I could have done for him. I can't recommend Country Garden Nursery highly enough !
my little boy comes home exhausted, happy and full of news about his day. He has lots of friends and gets particularly animated as he describes the adventures he has in the 'buckets and boots' garden (his description of his favourite garden at Country Garden). My sons imagination goes wild and he tells me of lots of his adventures. He used to be so quiet and shy - but now he is so full of confidence.
Just under a year before he goes to school and well, thank you wonderful country garden ladies for making my little flower blossom and grow into a very healthy specimen. ( pardon the pun)

I would recommend Country Garden to anyone who wants their child to develop fully in readiness for starting school just as my little chap has.

Thank you again all you lovely ladies.
I have been over the moon with the individual care the team at Country Garden have given my 2.5 year old. They nurture her effectively, listen to her and importantly progress her learning at her rate and not what is meant to be the right level for a particular age. My daughter has moved up early to the pre-school area due to the staff intuitively understanding each and every child under their care, recognising who, how and why a child needs progressing.
Now the nursery is open for 2,3 and 4 year funding, my daughter goes to Country Garden every day, not because I want her to, but because she wants to!
all I can say is what a fantastic nursery Country Garden is. From the moment my child arrives she is off doing the thing she loves best 'playing outside' it really is a country setting. The staff make each day fun, exciting and interesting. I feel they really care. Thank you Lesley and the team - you all give so much of yourselves every day. I am so glad I have found you and so is Ruby

I cannot recommend Country Garden highly enough.
We are so pleased with the care and encouragement given to our little girl. Leaving her at just 6 months old was very hard, however, experiencing the professional care and knowledge given by Lesley and her team we both felt Country Garden was the best place to entrust with our little girl. She is happy and is bonding beautifully with her carer Nadine, who we both feel is a 'very child friendly' person. We are looking forward to watching our little daughter grow in every respect.
Thank you all at Country Garden - keep up the good work.
Leaving our baby daughter was the hardest thing we have ever done. However, feeling the warmth and caring attitude of the staff, especially our child's key person Dinnie, things were made a lot easier

Now 6 weeks on we are so pleased with how our daughter has settled. We are given in depth feedback as to our child's day on a daily basis and our daughter is happy when both being dropped off and picked up. She is thriving!!

Thank you all from both of us. Country Garden is a nursery we would very highly recommend to anyone looking for a 'safe and stimulating haven for their precious child'
Can't sing your praises enough - a very welcoming nursery with great friendly and caring staff. Had to take our son out for a few months but when I went back to work full time there wasn't any other choice but to put him back into Country Garden. Joe's progress has dramatically improved since returning to Country Garden and he is a very happy boy there - A very beautiful nursery situated in idyllic surroundings and I highly recommend it.
We are so pleased with the care and education given to our little girl. She spends so much time outdoors and learns so much about nature and the world around her.
She loves Country Garden and is always happy to say goodbye when we drop her off
Thank you to Lesley and all the ladies for doing such a great job ! More than we ever expected of a nursery .
We would highly recommend Country Garden
My son Leo has been attending CG now for 8 months and he absolutely loves it. I had to find a nursery at short notice and looked at a few but none of them were as good as CG. On our visit we were made to feel so welcome and the children looked so happy playing in the garden. Leo was unsure about nursery to start with but he settled in so quickly. He can't wait to go to nursery and is always greeted with hugs and smiles. Leo loves telling me about his day when I get home from work and always has a wonderful creation to give me. I cannot recommend CG enough, everyone is so kind and they do a fantastic job.
Our son of reception school age attended Country Garden in the school holidays as we had been let down by our childcare provider and desperately needed childcare. I was worried he may be bored and feel too old for this place. However he really loved it. He came home grubby and exhausted having really enjoyed the outdoor play. He also made lots of new friends and often asks if he can "go again" in the school holidays.

Thank you ' Country Garden Ladies' for making our son feel so welcome and looking after him so well. Such a worry off my mind.
My daughter has been at Country Garden for just over a year now, she started in Blossoms and is now in Pips. I looked at lots of nurseries as it was an all important move placing my daughter into the right nursery as she was then, under a year old. I looked at leading nurseries in central Bath, which is where I live and was really unhappy with the space, care and outdoor activity the poor babies had in many of the nurseries I visited. I kept hearing about Country Garden but for me it was too far out; I thought. I then realised that my daughters life was important and not my small 10 minute journey in the morning and at the end of the day so I made an appointment to see Donna and her team. I have never looked back. I live right in the centre of town, however it takes me 10-15 minutes to cut across Bath and pop up the other side. Its is 10 minutes well spent as my daughter is so incredibly happy. I cannot begin to explain how excited she is to go to nursery, how much she smiles when she knows its her nursery days and when I drop her off, she doesn't even look back to say goodbye as she runs across the nursery to play outside and be with all the staff and other children. She talks really well, has manners, reads and looks at pictures, imaginatively plays and is incredibly sociable. I have seen some of my other friends children in nurseries in Bath whilst I was having visits and they just didn't seem to look very happy or engaged. I am over the moon my daughter has very luckily started her life at Country Garden, it is one big worry off my mind that my toddler is content, secure and importantly, delighted going to nursery three days a week.
Our daughter Martha has attended Country Garden Nursery since she was 10 months old and is now nearly 3. She has always loved going to nursery and is now currently in the Pips room. It has always been easy to leave her with such a smooth handover to the lovely staff without any tears. She always comes out with a smile on her face and often with something she has made. Donna and her team have always been incredibly supportive and understanding of the needs of working mums and have been equally supportive and reassuring to me as a parent leaving Martha with them and making returning to work so much easier.
My baby son is 11 months old and my third child to go to the nursery.
The staff are absolutely perfect, they treat my baby like he's their own with such love and gentleness. I don't worry at all about leaving him and the lovely notes detailing his day are fab! I am totally amazed at how calm and serene the environment always feels, often you enter and Claire is stroking a baby to sleep & there is no short supply of cuddles and one to one...
Believe me by the time they are three they are asking to go everyday - I've learnt to have a thick skin! The children just do so much, I'm always surprised by the imagination the staff have and work they put into preparing wonderful activities.
Another aspect I absolutely love is just how much fresh air the children get, they are wrapped up well in winter or covered in sun cream with shady umbrellas etc in summer & they always sleep well after so much energy burning.
The meals are home cooked & healthy, my older children have often said ' can I have the cottage pie(or whatever) that I had today at nursery?'.
Anyway I would highly recommend this nursery, many of my friends send their children & love it, I also hear parents discussing nurseries & this one is always praised which is very reassuring.
Thank you, Lesley, Ezme, Claire and all you lovely ladies xxx
my little boy attends country Garden. He is in the pips room and has developed massively since he started as a very shy little boy. Claire and her colleagues have really made him feel secure and encouraged him to try lots of new foods which is something that has always been a bit of a nightmare at hom
From play to food to friends to fun - Country Garden Nursery is most certainly the one !!

I cannot recommend it highly enough

My third son has just started at Country Garden. He is only 10 months old and although feeling a little
apprehensive at leaving my youngest in order to return to work, the ladies just put me at my ease and encouraged me to phone as much as I liked in order to hear how he was getting on. Having had lots of warm up visits to fit in around my committments, my little chap is now happy both when I leave him and when I return to pick him up. He especially loves the outdoor space. A special thank you to Ezme, Georges key person, she has really bonded beautifully with him.

I would strongly recommend this nursery to any one looking for 'that extra care and committment' from nursery staff. The homely environment is second to none!!

Victoria Westwell.
My little boy has been attending CG (Country Garden) since Oct 2014 and he has been very happy. The smiles that he has on his face when my husband or I pick him up is a testimony of how well he has been cared for and how he enjoys CG as a whole! I only have lots of good things to say about this nursery! Thank you Donna for being helpful,understanding & accommodating. Also, a great team of staff in CG who genuinely care & work their best to look after the children.
My older girl who's at school attends CG occasionally during school holidays and Donna has been ever so accommodating which is much appreciated. My children are in good hands when they are in CG. Keep up the good work, and thank you!
My son has attended country garden since April this year. As a first time mother returning to work after maternity leave, I was very nervous about leaving him. Donna and her amazing team have been so supportive and caring. They ensured my son settled in quickly and went out of their way to accommodate his needs. He has grown and developed enormously during his time there and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the nursery to others.
Our daughter has attended the Country Garden pre-school since April 2014 and has had a fantastic year of learning and fun. Prior to this she attended the nursery, (also for a year), where she settled well thanks to Donna’s warm and caring nature.

Over the last two years our daughter has formed some lovely friendships with the other children, learned so much, gained confidence in her own ability and built strong relationships with the staff.
The balance of learning, play and outside space suit her really well and we feel it has been an ideal foundation for her prior to starting school in September of this year.

Our daughter is very proud of all the things she makes at pre-school and also of her personal folder which has been compiled over the last two years. It is full of photographs of her taking part in various activities along with descriptions and feedback from the staff. It’s been lovely for us to see as parents and will be a fantastic record for our daughter to look back on too.

We are very happy with Country Garden. The location is superb with plenty of indoor and outdoor space. The days are clearly planned by the staff and given a lot of thought which makes the learning and activities fun and varied for the children. The staff are all warm and caring and we know that our daughter is being well looked after. It’s been a very positive experience - thank you.
Morgan has been at country garden nursery for nearly 6 months now and he loves every minute of it. My eldest son attended this nursery to before he went off to school and all the staff helped massively towards his manners, his ability to read and write and taught him to share and play with other children. Donna and her team are delightful, caring and very accommodating especially for the working mums who are torn between work and their children. I would be lost without them. If you are torn between what nursery you should choose for your child Country Garden is number 1 :)
Having to find our son a nursery at very short notice was very daunting, until we visited Country Garden and met Donna and her team. She was immediately caring and welcoming and put our minds at ease. Donna gives good hugs too! Our son has been with Country Garden a month now and is already settling well. We know that this is due to all of the care and support from the staff team, Chelsea and Holly in particular. When we visited a nursery previously we were concerned that our son would not have the interaction and stimulation that we wanted for him, but we are more than happy with the environment that Donna and her team have created. The staff are very caring and patient, and they make us feel like part of a community. The staff are always there to greet the children in the morning and to say goodbye at the end of their day.Our son always comes away with something lovely that he has made, and it is a joy to see how both his speech and his confidence with others is flourishing. We are so happy he's part of Country Garden.
My son has been attending Country Garden for just over a year and he absolutely loves it! We were so pleased that we chose to send him here as we had looked at a few other nurseries in the area. Donna was so welcoming from the moment we contacted her and has been extremely accommodating. Our son settled in really quickly thanks to Donna, Jo, Holly and the team and he has made so many friends. He has recently moved up to Pre-school and his development has progressed amazingly. The children have so much fun whilst learning and the outside space is amazing. I would thoroughly recommend Country Garden!
Finding Country Garden Nursery for our son has been one of the best things ever. From the moment we rang up enquiring , talking to Donna and then going in to have a look around, meeting the gang and taking along our elder son along too, it was just delightful. Donna has the most wonderful team, who really care about our son. They are so flexible, and supportive. We work together as a team to encourage my son's speech, and general development. The activities on offer match his needs, in particular he loves the story corner and the outside space. He leaves our house every morning running to the car, and is so happy to go to nursery. We are so glad we found Country Garden!
I thought that finding the right nursery for Sophia was going to be difficult. We needed somewhere that would understand her needs at the same time be flexible to our needs as parents. Country Garden was one of 4 nurseries we looked at and it was head and shoulders above the rest on both accounts. Donna seemed to understand us straight away and Sophia settled immediately. I know that when I leave Sophia with Holly in the morning that she is very happy to be there and is sometimes reluctant to leave. The communication between the nursery and us as parents is outstanding and I feel that I know exactly what Sophia has been doing on a daily basis and what progress she is making over the longer term. The 7.30am drop off is amazing and I can't understand why more nurseries don't do it. The flexibility of the hours I need from Country Garden is also fantastic as my hours change on a weekly basis. Its perfect! Not sure what we'd have done if you were like all the other nurseries!
As someone who works with children I knew exactly what I wanted for my daughter when she attended nursery. After looking at 5 others I found Country garden and knew immediately that this was the friendly, caring environment where my little girl would gain friends and grow in independence. Donna and her team are superb. They have a positive outlook and I am confident that my little girl is being looked after, having fabulous fun whilst learning how to get on with other people, respect them and learning all the basic pre-school skills in an unpressured play environment. It took a while for my daughter to settle, and Donna was so accommodating and thoughtful. My daughter now loves every minute. She is always happy to go and brimming with news and excitement when I pick her up. Thank you.
I can highly recommend Country Garden Nursery. My son absolutely loves it! He settled in quickly and always comes home chattering excitedly about all the activities. He can't wait to go there in the mornings. I cannot praise Donna and her team enough for all the time and effort they have put in. I feel that, when he is at Country Garden, he is in a secure and safe environment. Thank you.
I would definitely recommend Country Garden Nursery. Donna and her team provide high quality childcare. My daughter attended the nursery from the age of 2 to 5, and my 3 year old son is still in the nursery. They both loved it and I am always sure that they are left in caring and experienced hands. Calm friendly atmosphere, structured learning, loads of toys, good food, little friends to play with. What else will you wish for? I particularly like the personal approach to each child and their parents by the staff. Will be very sad when my son goes to school next year..
Our little boy has come on leaps and bounds since he started at Country Garden. He talks about the nursery, the staff and the other children all the time, and even asks if he can go there on the weekends!
The outside space is brilliant, the nursery really is a home from home.
We'll be sending our daughter too when she is old enough - we just wish we'd found Country Garden sooner!
Our little boy started here when he was 2 years old after taking him out of his previous nursery to be closer to home and we can honestly say it has been the best decision we have made. He loves going in to see donna and the team and gets very excited about going to the pre-school area,'the log cabin its lovely knowing that we can go to work knowing he is happy and being well looked after. We have often have said it is like dropping him off with the family. Our 2nd son who is 18months old is due to start next week. We definitely would highly recommend country garden nursery!
Our daughter has been at Country Garden for a year now and we have never looked back. She always seems to learn about lots of different things and has fun along the way. Donna and her team are really approachable and appreciate the level of feedback we need as parents. They provide a lovely homely environment and a great menu for the children. We tried a couple of other nurseries before we found Country Garden and we have been so much happier since we made the move - thanks Donna!
Both my children attend Country Garden.When we drop them off it feels like they are being left with family. The facilities are excellent and the staff are always attentive to the needs of parents and their children. I'm confident that such a positive learning experience so early in life will serve as a fantastic springboard for their continuing education.
My Son has been at Country Garden since he was 18months and now being 3, thanks to the help and committment from Donna and all the lovely ladies there, is such a happy little boy, he has not once moaned about going to Nursery which makes my working life much more bearable. I am 100% confident that he is learning and playing to his full potential whilst at Country Garden. I also appreciate all the feedback I get from everyone at Country Garden and how they keep me up-to-date with my Sons progress. I know my Son and I will be very sad when he leaves for school!!! Thank you to all at Country Garden! :-)
My little boy absolutely loves Pre school, he asks to go everyday! He loves it lots and has lots of lovely little friends. Donna and the other ladies really are so kind and gentle. Thanks Ladies x
Our Son has the most fantasic days at Nursery school, he grabs his shoes and makes a dash for the door saying 'Play, play'. He returns with a book crammed full of beautiful photographs demonstrating the various activities he has enjoyed!
The staff are warm and gentle with the children and parents too, the environment is warm and bright, My second son at only three months is on the waiting list all ready!
I can highly recommend Country Garden Day Nursery as a child care provider, both my son & daughter now aged 4 & 6 years have attended & I can not fault Donna & her team for their commitment to providing a nurturing & caring environment.
Having been a mother of four children Donna has a wealth of knowledge, childcare experience & an insight into the needs of parents & their children. She is very approachable & flexible & endeavours to meet the individual needs of all the children she cares for.
Being a Nursery Nurse myself & having worked in a number of day care settings I would not hesitate to suggest a visit to Country Garden if you are looking for a nursery for your child.
My 2 children have had a lovely time at donna's. The nursery is fantastic at looking after both children & their parents.
Country Garden is a warm and friendly place, where my daughter loves to go!Children can play outside all year round, and enjoy craft time indoors. They are well looked after, and love the home cooked food!