After lunch most of us sleep, just like we would at home, we have cosy sleeping bags and matresses, the ladies looking after us will sit with us until we fall fast asleep. We often have some gentle music playing. 


The afternoon is full of fun and enjoyment.  We could be doing arts and crafts, messy play, building, cooking, reading, singing, sorting out the kitchen, the tool boxes, beds for the teddies, whizzing down the slides, climbing through the log areas, opening up the shop with my little friends, drawing, dressing-up and generally having the best fun ever!

I am a seed nourished by creativity.. watch me grow


Pips are aged between 15 months and 2.5 years, we spend some time together and some time apart. 


During the morning we all get together for circle time where we sit in a group and sing good morning to each other, we talk about how we feel and what we would like to do during the day. 

We love to put our own photograph up on the tree, will we be at the top or bottom, will we be up the right way or upside down? 



The best thing about Country Garden is the time we have enjoying the outdoors, whatever the weather.  We play on the logs, paint, cook, chase my friends, climb, learn, listen, count, play music, sing and dance with all of my friends. 


We often use the Art room or go to the 'muddy' garden, we crawl in the mud, splash the rain water that collects, dig holes and generally get very wet and soggy.