Hello, I’m Paige I’m deputy manager as well as SENCO lead. I joined Country Garden in 2014 as an apprentice at the age of 17 and now I’m 23 and I love my role within the management team.


Being SENCO lead is very rewarding being able to play a specific and targeted role within a child’s life. Focusing on all their individual needs allowing them to become the best version of themselves.

My role as deputy manager is another fantastic role. I’m lucky because I’m able to help all children within each age range. I find it extremely interesting, rewarding and wonderful to see children starting as babies and working their way through each room ready to go to school as confident young children. Helping these children grow and develop and at the end seeing the result is one of the best feelings in the world.

Just a little about me I live about one hour away with my family. I also have a partner who lives in Wales which means I’m always driving around. I love to travel; I’ve been all over the world and seen some wonderful places.

Hello, I’m Les, manager at Country Garden, as well as Safeguarding lead and Deputy SENCo. I joined Country Garden in 2015, setting up the baby room before moving on to management.


I have many years of childcare experience behind me, and several years working with children with special needs. My passion has always been to offer the very best for the young children in my care.


I have always enjoyed looking after children and aim to provide a safe stimulating environment in which children can learn and develop whilst allowing them to grow as individuals.


I enjoy spending time with my husband and our children, and our dog, Albie. I have 3 children, Louie 24yrs, Tilly 21yrs, and Edie 16yrs. We have a good group of friends with whom we enjoy weekends away and holidays.

Hi, I’m Carina, I qualified in 2011 and started at CG in 2015.

I love Country Garden because I enjoy being outdoors with the children and giving them the opportunity to explore things and activities that will stimulate their little imaginations.

It’s very rewarding to watch them grow and prepare for them to go to school.

I live locally with my husband and daughter, Paisley. We love to meet up with our friends, watching rugby and spending time with our families.


Hi, I’m Beccy, I’ve been at Country Garden for 6 years and I work in Trees part time. I have worked in Childcare since I was 21yrs old in local school and nurseries. I have  3 children and 2 young grand children who keep me busy.


I love the mix of cabin activities and all the things we can do out in our garden; the muddy garden is also a favourite, we make dens, have bug hunts and have been making a water area to encourage the wildlife in. I’m so proud of the Country Garden children, I love to see as they grow and develop into well-rounded confident four-year old’s who are ready for school.

Hi my name is Tilly. I work in the baby room  which I love because I have always enjoyed looking after babies. Mya and I get along really well, we seem to bounce off of each other having fun as we go about our day.

I have been at Country Garden since October 2017 and loved it so much that I decided to do an apprenticeship in Childcare which I have just completed as a level 3 qualification. My job at Country Garden is important to me because, as well as it being enjoyable and fun, I love watching the children grow and develop and I feel so lucky to work with such a special team.

I live at home with my parents, my younger sister and our dog. At the weekends, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, we love going for dinner, going on holidays and watching films together. I also love to keep fit through working out and dance classes.

Hello, my name is Laura. I am qualified at level 2. I started County Garden in October 2018. I am enjoying learning and developing my skills within the role as I spend time with the other staff and the children.

I study at Bath College and have now started working towards my level 3 qualification. I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and understanding in child development.

I live at home with my parents and four siblings. I spend a lot of time with them which I love. I also am part of an acting group in which we perform plays and shows around the local areas. I love to paint and draw too.


Hi, I’m Chelsea, I have been looking after children at Country Garden for 6 years, I am always up early so help to open the nursery in the mornings.

I love the challenges that each day brings, watching the children explore, grow and develop. 


I have a large family with 1 older brother and 4 youngers brothers, with me being the only girl! . I have a young niece and nephew that I enjoy looking after. I also walk my dog, Milo, every day around our local village. 

Hello I’m Kimberley. I have been a qualified early years practitioner since 2005. I have a great passion for early years education and love being able to support children in their formative years.

I have always been very creative and enjoy spending my time creating art, reading and watching theatre. I also have a strong connection to the outdoors and will often go on hikes with the family dog, Stanley. I am currently working towards gaining my level 3 forest school qualification and look forward to being able to apply my skills into my day to day role with the children.

Hi I’m Jess, I did my level 2 qualification alongside my GCSE’s in school. When I left I went on to do a sports leadership teaching Taekwondo with children aged from reception to secondary. I’ve a;ways enjoyed being around children and watching them grow and develop.

I’m now doing my level 3 qualification at Country Garden.

I live at home with my parents, two sisters and 2 dogs. I really love being outdoors and like to spend my time with my dogs or helping my boyfriend around his family farm.

Hi, I’m Mandy, I work part time in Trees. I am qualified at level 3 in childcare and have been working with children for many years. I have been working at Country Garden for almost a year and I’m enjoying the opportunity to work and develop. I have been able to complete some courses since coming and look forward to building on my knowledge.


I love making relationships with the children and then helping to prepare them ready for school. I am enjoying the opportunities available in our lovely outdoor space.

Hello, I’m Skye. I work in trees cabin part time.


I have been at Country Garden since January 2021. My job is very important to me, I enjoy seeing children having fun and being happy. 


I look after and feel very lucky to be a member of the Country Garden team.


I have young son, who i enjoy spending time with. I have recently moved house and I am currently decorating and making it feel like our home. 

Hi I’m Mia. 

I work in Pips room, I joined Country Garden in September 2020. 

I really enjoy working with the toddlers, as the pace is really fast making each day different, there is never a dull moment. 

I love watching all the children in our care grow and develop into confident little people. 


I live at home with my family, enjoy going to concerts with my friends. 

Hello My name is Mya, I work alongside Tilly in the baby room. 


I really enjoy working with the babies as they begin their journey in the world around them. I love to watch them grow and explore Country Garden and all it has to offer.