Hello, my name is Carina and I am the Room Leader for Apples. I adore working with children 2 years plus as it is so beautiful being with them when they experience new things; plus I love messy activities so that is very lucky as there is a lot of this going on here!

Encouraging their independence and social skills is magical to watch too; I would not change my job for anything. The ladies are so inspiring to work with here, it is not difficult getting out of bed every day to go to work :)

 Country Garden Day Nursery Manager

I took over the role of Nursery Manager for Country Garden.  In Autumn 2015. 

I started my career working with special needs children then moving into nursery care over 25 years ago. My passion for caring, developing and helping children to learn has never waned,  the unique things children both say and do, day in and day out is astounding.


Children are miracles, their capacity to soak-up information, to learn, to see amazement in the tiniest thing is quite magical. To me, every child that comes to Country Garden is a little shining star to be held, loved, supported and cherished.


It only leaves me to say; I truly believe that Country Garden Day Nursery offers your child a unique and inspirational start to life and I hope that if you choose us as the haven for your little-one, we can all learn together and grow together throughout your child's nursery and pre-school years.

Hi, I'm Chelsea and care for all the lovely children in Pips. I have a little dog called Milo and 5 brothers. I love working at Country Garden in Pips as I am so excited seeing younger toddlers become imaginative through play. There is a lot of growth and change taking place between children aged 15 months to 30 months and I am privileged to experience this unique blossoming every day.

Hello, my name is Beccy, I have 3 children of my own and a new grand daughter; my first! I trained in London as a teacher but then came back to Bath to teach locally. I wanted to be a teacher from the time I started at primary school and haven't been out of a classroom since. Having children of my own I realised how important Early Years Education is to a pre-schooler. I love my job, why; to watch the babies respond to Ezme and Sophie when they first arrive at Country Garden, to walk, talk and develop with Claire, Chelsea and Leslie in Pips, then arrive in the log cabins Apple and Trees to find their independence and true 'voice' is nothing short of magical.

I am Paige and work in Apples for 30 month to 42 month old children. I love travelling and have visited some beautiful countries, so enjoy showing the children the places I have been, helping them investigate new cultures. Having this precious opportunity to shape a child's life, is utterly magical. To be able to help a child grow, devlop, learn and enjoy life is so precious to me. We are very lucky here at Country Garden to have such wonderful space for all the children to play in and a unique team of ladies that all support eachother ensuring the children have the best experience possible.

I'm Sophie and care for the children in Pips. I left school to study Health & Social Care, applying for a apprenticeship at Country Garden. Many students apply but thankfully I got in.

Hello, I am Annette and work in Pips. Seeing the children experience new things every day, watching them develop their speech and social skills throughout this interesting age range, is to me, unique

Hi I'm Nadine and work in Blossoms. It is so satisfying nurturing a baby, literally watching them 'blossom' as they grow and progress through the nursery. There is an equisite homely and family vibe here.

I am Fran and work in Trees, the oldest group we have here at Country Garden. I have 3 children Ollie, Barney and Indie. I have ALWAYS wanted to work with children from the age of 10 and have been working with little ones for 25 years now.  No day is the same at Country Garden, every day is unique and exciting; I feel I understand children and they seem to understand me..I think! The bond you build with all the children here is priceless as are the funny things they say! ;)

Sziasztok! That is Hi Everybody in Hungarian which is where I come from.  I am Detti , got married last August and love everything to do with music and singing, I play the piano myself and may I say, quite well ;)

Working with children is the only career for me, it is my life. I cannot begin to explain how beautiful it is to know you are making a change in children's lives, they have such a unique aura and unending unconditional love, I could not imagine working anywhere else.

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am 22 years old. I live at home with my parents and my sister. For a long time I have been babysitting for a varied range of families and ages of children. My love for working with children increased so I commenced my apprenticeship in childcare. I am now very lucky to be working at Country Garden in Pips which has only added to my enthusiasm for my career. 

Hi, I am Kelli and have recently had a baby boy whom we have named William. William has a brother called Henri who is very interested in this new addition to the family! I am very proud to be Room Leader for Blossoms. 

Being part of a babies development, watching them grow and change every week, nurturing their unique characters; is something I will never tire of.