We have a large and beautiful 'muddy' garden area allowing your child to freely explore everything nature has to offer as it takes place through the seasons.  


The aim is to give your children the chance to explore and discover on their own whilst  following EYFS. Our garden will give children the chance to learn, take risks, make choices and initiate learning for themselves.


We look at;

SIGHT - Colour Matching; which colours are actually in the garden, which ones are easy to spot, are the colours natural or man-made and how do the colours change through the seasons; making pictures and models with all the differing colours the garden has to offer

SMELL - Woodland perfume; we let the children find out for themselves what each and every woodland material smells like, they can mash up ingredients they find with water to make different perfumes and aromas, making trails and leaving for woodland animals to sniff when the children are gone

TOUCH - What does the bark feel like, is it warm or cold, hard or soft, wet or dry and are there patterns on the bark, spots, cracks or stripes. The children can choose to do bark rubbings, making pictures with all the materials found in the garden.

SOUND - what can we hear? The children may stand in a circle and listen carefully, like a deer would in a forest. We guide them through all the marvelous noises they may hear - birds singing, wind blowing and the rain dripping.