What we learn with pleasure...we never forget


Apple's share everything with Trees, we are lucky having many children to play with.


We have huge gardens as well as the 'muddy' garden to explore, we have a boat for story times, or we can just imagine sailing across the sea, and maybe even meeting pirates ! 

We love our outdoor kitchens, sand pit, water trays and bikes to play with too.  


  We spend as much time in the garden as we can, in sun, rain, snow and wind! 

We are happy to be running around and exploring our amazing gardens. 


We also have a brilliant Art room full of exciting resources, so we can choose for ourselves what we want to make or create. 



Our days at Country Garden are full of fun, we learn so much!

We can talk and talk and talk, adore numbers, problem solving we even know how to measure things!


At Country Garden we learn to sing, enjoy poetry, make up our own stories, use our imaginations, dance, and start to become independent. 



We enjoy drawing and painting outside, or in the art room, we are able to choose what we want to draw, paint, build with. 

We model make, dress up, listen to stories and much more as well learn to be kind, and help others. 

we have lots of open ended resources that can be anything we want!